• Anurag Singh Gautam, Prof. Charan Singh Thakur


Noise pollution is recognized as a major problem for the quality of life in urban area all over the word. Increasing industrialization, urbanization, and commercialization of urban area increase the noise pollution. Traffic is the dominating source 0f noise. Noise pollution is considered as environmental stressor which now becomes a problem of all over the word especially in developing countries like India. Noise as pollutant produce contaminated environment that become a nuisance and affect the health of a person, his activities and mental abilities. Today one of the major environmental pollution due to anthropogenic activities is noise pollution. Jabalpur city (Union Territory) is second biggest city of Madhya Pradesh having population of 12.81 lakhs and selected in first round of smart city mission under the government of India. The rapid growth and development of city in terms of industrialization, Increase of traffic and urbanization causing increasing trends of noise level. The present study is concerned with assessment of ambient noise level in different zone of Jabalpur city in May 2017.Noise level study was conducted at 10 different locations in three different zones (commercial zone, silence zone) of Jabalpur and recorded noise data are interpreted in form of parameter Leq, L10, L50, L90, LNP. The Leq Value in different hours of different location compared whit prescribed standard of central pollution Control Board (CPCB) and it was observed that in all the study area sound level is much above the maximum permissible limit in per at hour. This study reveals different area of Jabalpur city is highly exposed to noise pollution and there is a need to adopt suitable control measure for reduction of noise. Keywords: Noise Pollution, Sound Level Meter, Noise Parameter , Residential Zone, Silence Zone, Jabalpur city.
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